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Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eurovision Song Contest 2003 - Rules. Part 8



    1.    The Contest Final, produced in accordance with the applicable Eurovision rules (especially as regards advertising and sponsorship), shall be transmitted in its entirety as a live continuous programme over the Eurovision network on 24 May 2003 from 19.00 GMT to approximately 22.00 GMT, unless emergency procedures interrupt the programme, in which case the producing organization may broadcast the dress rehearsal.

    2.    There will be three opportunities for commercial breaks during the programme: one during the presentation of the songs, one before the announcement of the voting, and one during the announcement of the voting.

    3.    The participant’s commentators shall respect the fairness of the competition, and should refrain from talking during the performance of the songs.

    4.    The producing organization shall transmit the EBU  logo before and after the programme and each participant shall relay it.

    5.    All participants shall broadcast the Contest Final live on their national programme service. They are also entitled to broadcast the Contest Final simultaneously on their 100%-owned digital or satellite channels without editorial changes (i.e. including commentary, televoting information, etc.).

    6.    The same shall apply to candidates for participation the following year, except that if for imperative scheduling reasons a live broadcast should not be possible a deferred broadcast shall be carried out within 24 hours.

    7.    During a period of  30 calendar days following the date of the Contest Final, all participants, as well as candidates for 2004, shall be entitled to repeat the broadcast wholly or in part, an unlimited number of times, on their terrestrial channels or on 100%-owned digital or satellite channels.

    8.    Subject to prior authorization by the Permanent Services, the Contest Final may also be broadcast live or by deferred relay by EBU active Members in other countries. Deferred transmissions must take place within 30 calendar days of the date of the Contest Final.

    9.    Notwithstanding the foregoing, television and radio organizations throughout the world shall be entitled, upon written request to the producing organization, to news access, free of charge, not exceeding two minutes, of the Contest Final for the purpose of reporting the results thereof in their regularly-scheduled news bulletins.

    10.    Sound broadcasting organizations throughout the world may, upon written request to the producing organization, broadcast the Contest Final live or by deferred relay. However, in countries where the EBU has an active Member organization or organizations, this applies only to that organization or organizations. If in a given country no EBU Member organization chooses to broadcast the Contest Final, another broadcaster in the same country may be authorized to do so.

    11.    In agreement with the Permanent Services and the producing organization, the Contest Final may also be broadcast, live or by deferred relay, by television organizations located outside the European Broadcasting Area, whether EBU Members or not.

    12.    After the time period referred to in  point 7  above has elapsed, all participants shall continue to be entitled, without any limitation in time, and in accordance with the applicable Rules on Use of the Eurovision Signal, to use extracts from the 2003 Contest Final not exceeding eight minutes’ total duration (but no more than two minutes per song) in any of their television programmes.

    13.    In agreement with the Permanent Services and the producing organization, and with the specific approval of the Reference Group, the Contest Final may also be transmitted or made available for on-demand use or otherwise presented, wholly or in part, via the Internet, by one or more participating organizations or an appointed third party.

    14.    Use of extracts from the Contest Final by third parties for broadcasting in the widest sense of the term requires the prior authorization of the producing organization and the consent of the EBU Eurovision Song Contest participating Member in that country.


    During the programme and at the venue, the commercial exploitation of the Contest shall be the responsibility of the producing organization in accordance with the Eurovision Rules regarding advertising and sponsorship. In that regard, the following are permitted:

    1.    On-screen identification of a maximum of two provider(s) of the scoreboard computer graphic display and data transmission:

  •     Identification of the provider(s) may appear only at the same time as the picture of the scoreboard.
  •     There shall be a maximum of  60 seconds of identifications in total during the voting sequence, but no more than six seconds each.
  •     The service providers’ logo may be faithfully reproduced in the original lettering and typeface and colours.
  •     The maximum number of television lines utilized for the identification shall be ten lines (20 half-lines) in total in 625 lines standard. The identification shall appear at the bottom of the screen.
  •     Such identifications may be made by insertion into the telecast feed.

    2.    Postcards and green room

    The postcards and the green room are not intended as an opportunity to advertise, but it is permissible for the producing organization to feature appropriate local tourism, products or services to a modest degree, and subject to the final consent of the Permanent Services.

    3.    On-screen presence in the closing credits should be limited to the parties which have made a significant contribution to the staging of  the Contest.

    4.    Sponsorship of the event (not on-screen) is the sole responsibility of  the producing organization.

    Any on-screen reflection of the event sponsorship must be kept to a strict minimum and be mutually agreed by the producing organization and the Permanent Services.

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   The official materials (SPG 02-12058) from European Broadcasting Union / Union Europeenne de Radio-Television had been used at creation of this part of the site
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