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Vaya con Dios



Website daniklein.narod.ru

     Initially this site has been devoted only to groups Vaya con Dios, Purple Prose, and them vocalist Dani Klein. Than I was guided, at that time, creating this site - it is possible to read  here. But soon the section about the Eurovision Song Contest (in which I have become interested in 2003) was added here. That is on this site at present:

   Sections of the site

Vaya con Dios section

  •  Biography   Not only the biography of woman vocalist of the group - Dani Klein, but also a history of group Vaya con Dios, and history of group Purple Prose.

  •  Discography    In this section the information about CD-disks and videorecordings of group Vaya con Dios and group Purple Prose is collected.

  •  Lyrics    At this section song’s lyrics of the group Vaya con Dios and the group Purple Prose are accordingly collected.

  •  Concerts    The information about some concerts of  the group (where and when it acted, plus links to sites with the additional information).

  •  Photos    Some photos of  Dani Klein

  •  Wallpapers    As a matter of fact, this section and two subsequent sections is one section - Download section. Pair of wallpapers, midi-files, one screensaver.

  •  Midi    See above.

  •  Screensavers    See above.

  •  Links    Few links to other sites about group.

Eurovision section

  •  mp3    mp3-records from the Eurovision Song Contest. Actually not records, but links to sites, where I download thеse records. It is legal records, I think.

  •  History    Brief  history of the Contest.

  •  Philosophy    Easier speaking, the purposes which are pursued by organizers of  the Contest.

  •  Facts    Some facts about the Contest.

  •  Rules    Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. At present time only for 2003 and 2004.

  •  Eurovision 2003    48-th Eurovision Song Contest 2003, the Sconto-Hall, Riga, Latvia. The information about participants, results, lyrics of songs, and also my own impressions from viewing (not alive, certainly, but on the TV).

  •    Eurovision 2004    49-th Eurovision Song Contest 2004, Abdi Ipekçi Sports Hall, Istanbul, Turkey. News of the Contest, the information about participants, lyrics of songs, calendar of the Contest.

  •    Eurovision 2005    50-th Eurovision Song Contest 2005, Ukraine. News of the Contest.

    Latest news of  Eurovision section


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   Latest news of  Vaya con Dios section


  •    Page with links on mp3-records  of  Vaya con Dios group has been updated. There are links on 38 songs (in mp3-format) of Vaya Con Dios group on this page now.

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    Latest news of  the Eurovision Song Contest


All news of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2005
News archive of  the Eurovision Song Contest

    Latest events of  preparation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 at Kiev


  •   The big press centre with capacity of 600 places will be created at Kiev.  See more...

All chronicle of preparation to the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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