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Vaya con Dios


   Vaya con Dios » Лирика и тексты песен группы Vaya con Dios English  

Лирика группы Vaya con Dios (Вайа кон Диос)

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Vaya con Dios

  1.  Don’t Cry for Louie
  2.  The Moonshiner
  3.  Lord Help Me Please
  4.  Lay Your Hands
  5.  Lulu’s Song
  6.  Just a Friend of Mine
  7.  Sold My Soul
  8.  One Silver Dollar
  9.  Philadelphia
  10.  Remember
  11.  Puerto Rico
  12.  Johnny

Night Owls

  1.  Nah Neh Nah
  2.  Far Gone Now
  3.  Sunny Days
  4.  Sally
  5.  Something’s Got a Hold on Me
  6.  I Don’t Want to Know
  7.  What’s a Woman?
  8.  Night Owls
  9.  Pack Your Memories
  10.  With You
  11.  Travelling Light
  12.  Quand elle rit aux eclats

Time Flies

  1.  Time Flies
  2.  Forever Blue
  3.  Farewell Song
  4.  So Long Ago
  5.  Still a Man
  6.  Heading for a Fall
  7.  Mothers and Daughters
  8.  Listen
  9.  Bold and Untrue
  10.  Muddy Waters
  11.  For You
  12.  Brave Jane
  13.  At the Parallel

Roots and Wings

  1.  Lonely Feeling
  2.  Stay with Me
  3.  Hot August Night
  4.  Don’t Break My Heart
  5.  Mind on Vacation
  6.  Call on Me
  7.  What if?
  8.  Evening of Love
  9.  Paradise
  10.  Get to You
  11.  Don’t Hate You Anymore
  12.  Movin’ on

Лирика группы Purple Prose (Фиолетовая проза)

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13 Songs by Purple Prose

  1.  Dirty Gold
  2.  The Heart Hunts Alone
  3.  L’amour lointaine
  4.  Estoy embriagada
  5.  I Didn’t Know
  6.  Es wird schon wieder gehen
  7.  Dios te lo devolvera
    (Until Forgiveness Comes)
  8.  Little Death
  9.  The Voices Warned Me
  10.  Une voix nous manque
  11.  Southern Moon
  12.  Grand Tralala
  13.  Who Wants To Be Lonely?

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