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Vaya con Dios


   Vaya con Dios » Тексты песен » Альбом Vaya con Dios » Don’t Cry for Louie English  

Альбом  Vaya con Dios. Лирика и тексты песен группы  Vaya con Dios  и певицы  Dani Klein 

Don’t Cry for Louie

I gave up all my friends
My girls from out of town
Bought her what she wanted
Yet she let me down
When she saw me crying
She said I had no heart
When my heart was bleeding
She turned around and laughed

    Girls don’t cry for Louie
    Louie wouldn’t cry for you
    When you walk the streets for Louie
    You better do what Louie tells you to

I met Louie on a hazy morning
When the bars are closing down
He said: honey I really like your prancing
You and I we’ll burn this town

This woman, sir, mislead me
Hurt me in my pride
Who are you to judge me?
Who are you to take her side?
She cheated on me mister
Told me nothing but lies
I just had to teach her
Not to overstep the line

    Girls don’t cry for Louie
    He wouldn’t waste a tear on you
    When you walk the streets for Louie
    You ain’t walking down no avenue

I met Louie on an early morning
In a sleazy part of town
I was tipsy and feeling kind’a lonely
Louie offered me his arm
He said: you and I we’ll burn this town
He said: you and I we’ll burn this town


Музыка: Dirk Schoufs / Danielle Schoovaerts
Слова: Dirk Schoufs / Danielle Schoovaerts

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