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Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eurovision Song Contest - philosophy.

   What grade event is Eurovision Song Contest ? Whether it consists in strict musical criteria of selection, or it will be estimated on the basis of that pleasure which will bring to members of the audience. People which count itself intellectuals, can tell, that it simply one more show - show which should not look as something extremely important. At the same time, nevertheless, tickets on Eurovision Song Contest are always ordered for months beforehand, and ratings of show are included, that during a final concert TV turn on almost in each house.

   It seems, that such inconsistent sight on Eurovision Song Contest exists in each state - member of European Broadcasting Union (EBU), but, actually, about 300 million people look Eurovision Song Contest in Europe, Asia and in Northern America. It clearly shows, that Eurovision Song Contest - really important event in music world.

   First of all, Eurovision Song Contest is the delightful representation, uniting music, a vocal, beautiful suits, light show and creative imagination of a team of designers. In the second, it is competition among the countries, and each country can decide to attach significance to something adhered to this event. Besides, it is possible to look at this competition, as on “festival of the international friendship” - participants from the various countries arrive together and spend good week, communicating with each other. There is no aggression, there is no struggle for the big sums of money. In that case, certainly, Eurovision Song Contest is a competition for authors and executors of songs. There are some ideas about what grade of the song is “correct” for Eurovision Song Contest - it should be melodious, attractive and not too difficult - experts speak. Experience speaks us, however, that the key to success on the Eurovision is a little to differ from others. The victory over the Eurovision does not mean an automatic international recognition and success, but such victory still to anybody and has not injured, as winners of the Eurovision notice.

   So unites these of tens millions people in a concert hall and in houses ? Eurovision Song Contest offers an oustanding opportunity to lead fine evening (well, for whom it’s evening and for whom it’s a night - about time zones have not overlooked ?) to be pleased for a team of the your own country and to feel feeling of solidarity with community which includes such most part of our world.

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