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Vaya con Dios


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Links to other interesting sites about Vaya con Dios and Purple Prose bands, and about woman singer Dani Klein.

  • Purple Prose
    It is considered, that it is an official site of group Purple Prose. Unfortunately, get on it I could not. Nevertheless, I bring this link.

  • Belgian Pop&Rock Archive
    The Belgian portal devoted to various groups and musicians. There is a section as groups Vaya con Dios, and Purple Prose. In each section there is a forum with categories: Comments on group, Reviews of albums, Reviews of concerts, References, Records on sale, Search of records of group. Language of the portal - English, at forums there are messages and in other languages.

  • Dot Eurovision.com
    The portal though has no any relation to Vaya con Dios group, but has the direct relation to Eurovision Song Contest. If you be interested in this theme, I recommend to visit it. Language of a site - English. There is an archive of the last years, the information on participants, texts of songs and other.

  • Euroforum.com.ru
    The united forum of Russian-speaking admirers of the Eurovision Song Contest. Contest itself, its past and the future, national selections and results are discussed at this forum. Also other various themes are discussed, musical and not musical, during breaks between Contests. There is english section. A slogan of the Euroforum - “The Euroforum - a united place of dialogue of admirers of the Eurovision. Shall discuss?”.

  • OGAE Russia
    One more site which concerns to Eurovision Song Contest. It is a site of  Russian branch of club of  fans of the Eurovision - OGAE. “ Organisation Generale des Amateurs d’Eurovision (OGAE) is the biggest fan club of competition songs of the Eurovision all the world. OGAE has been formed in 1984 and it was distributed to 30 countries of continent, including Cyprus and Israel. Our purpose will be to unit all fans of the Eurovision, and also freely to exchange the helpful information and to involve other people in this interesting business. On this site we give you a brief information on in what we are engaged as with us to communicate, and also references to other interesting sites devoted to the Eurovision. ” - the citation from the site.

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