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The all events and the news concerning to hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest for July of 2004 year.

   July, 2004

  •  Website  Новiй канал  informs that on July, 10 winners of  the two Eurovision Song Contests - Ukranian  Ruslana Lyzhichko  and Turkish  Sertab Erener - have acted together with a joint concert in the city of  Belek on the coast of  Mediterranean sea at Antalia. The Ukrainian singer has told to journalists, what even her wedding was more modest than that meeting that Turks has made to her.

  •   In spite of the fact that Swiss representative  Piero Esteriore  has not reached the  Grand-Final  and has not received any points on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004, Switzerland will going to accept participation on the following, anniversary  Eurovision Song Contest 2005. Swisses plan to send more professional singer at Kiev than that which they sent to Istanbul. It is supposed, that applicants for this rank should have at least one released CD and a videoclip plus their singles should occupy not below than 50-th place on top of sales. As the number of such executors is not too great, nationality or residence of the applicants will not have value. Website  esctoday.com  informs about it.

  •   Public Armenian radio and TV has become the Associate Member of  the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Despite of this event, participation of  Armenia on the Eurovision Song Contest 2005  will improbable, because the country should upgrade the its status and become the Active Member of  the Union for this purpose.

  •   The website  esctoday.com  informs, that  Lena Philipsson, the representative of  Sweden on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004, plans to release a new album at the beginning of August. The album will have the difficult-to-pronounce name and will include the Swedish version of  the competitive song of the singer.

  •   It is possible, that Czechia will become one of the countries which will take part at the  Eurovision Song Contest 2005. The final decision will be make at September, 2004.

  •   Hungary will may become one of  participants of  the  Eurovision Song Contest 2005  also. Hungarians plan to make the final decision earlier than Czechians - at August.

  •   According to website  esctoday.com, Swedes will declare names of  32 songs which will take part at the competition Melodifestivalen 2005 on October. Winner of  Melodifestivalen 2005 will represent Sweden on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2005  at Kiev.

  •   Alexander Savenko, the president of  the National Broadcasting company of  Ukraine (NTCU) has declared, that will be provided about fifteen assembly places for journalists on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2005  (which will be hosted on May at Kiev, the capital of  Ukraine). Also the big press centre with capacity about 600 places will be created (probably, it will be placed in tents). However journalists will cannot to get on rehearsal and on the Grand-Final  with  Qualifying Round  free, they should buy tickets. Cost of tickets will be determined by the Kiev organizers, but by rules of  the  Contest  it should be accessible by the price for local population. To tell the truth, it is not specified for which part of the local population.

  •   According to website  proUA.com,   EBU  representatives, who arrived at Kiev on July, 6, could not solve where the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 will be hosted. It is supposed, that the delegation will arrive at Kiev in the beginning of  September with repeated visit. Then the final decision will be accepted. But it is known already, that  Contest  will take place on May (instead of on June). It is expected, that exact date will be declared on September, 15.

  •   The counterfeit copies of single  Wild Dances  (with which Ukrainian female singer  Ruslana  has won the   Eurovision Song Contest 2004) has been found at Germany. Representatives of the singer, having taken German police in allies, have decided to declare war to audiopirates.

  •    The website  esctoday.com  informs, that representatives of  Latvia on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004 - the duet  Ivo Fomins & Tomass Kleins  (they have not got to the Grand-Final) has released CD with various versions of  their competitive song  Dziesma par Laimi. There are Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus versions among others on this CD. By the way, representatives of  Belarus - duet  Alexandra & Konstantin  took part in creation of the Belarus version of song.

  •   According to website  proUA.comEBU  delegation has already examined two probable places of  hosting of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 - the “ Palace of sport ” and the  Kiev’s International Exhibition Center. Delegates are satisfied that they have seen and they consider, that preparation for the  Contest  goes quite professionally. It is supposed, that the place of  hosting of the Eurovision 2005 will be declared on Friday, on July, 9 finally. Alexander Omelchenko, the mayor of  Kiev, is confident, that the city will be prepared for hosting of  the Contest completely in required term. By the way, one of  EBU  representatives has brought a little bit unexpected offer - to host the Contest not in a hall, but on the ship. By the way, it is supposed, that about 40 countries will take part on the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, it will be broadcast at 45 countries, and almost 800 million person will look it.

  •    Website  Новiй канал  adds the following to the above-stated news:  EBU  delegation is a little bit concerned that on place of the   Kiev’s International Exhibition Center  is not present anything at present time (the “ Palace of sport ” has walls and a roof  at least). Also the website comes out with the assumption, that the  Eurovision Song Contest 2005  may be hosted at Yalta or at Odessa.

  •   According to website the  Корреспондент.net  a few hostels has been opened at Ukraine before hosting of  the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. President of All-Ukranian hostel-association, Dmitry Zaruba, has declared, that is necessary to provide necessary amount of inexpensive places with the European standards for accommodation of youth prior to the beginning of  hosting of  the Contest  at Ukraine.

  •    According to website  proUA.com, on July, 6 the official delegation of  EBU  representatives, led by  Svante Stockselius, the supervisor of  the Eurovision Song Contest, has arrived to Kiev. It is supposed, that they will be is in city six days. During that time the delegates will examine objects that may become a probable place of  hosting of the 50-th Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

  •   Sales of a single Wild Dances, with which Ukrainian singer  Ruslana  has won the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004, have exceeded 25 000 copies in Belgium.

  •   On July, 7  Sakis Rouvas, the representative of  Greece on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004, and  Sertab Erener, the representative of  Turkey and the winner of  the  Eurovision Song Contest 2003  will give a joint concert at Istanbul.

  •    According to website  proUA.com, the Ukrainian State Committee on construction and architecture considers that to prepare Kiev for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2005  quite really. Construction of necessary pavilions of the  Kiev’s International Exhibition Center   (it is planned that  Contest  will be host in it) will be made simultaneously with redesigning of the project. It will allow to finish all works in required term. Financing of the project will be executed both from the state and city budget, and due to investors. Chairman of  Gosstroy, Victor Cherep has declared, that financing will be made in full. Also it is planned to complete five hotels till the moment of  hosting of the Contest.

  •   The holiday Day of  Dnepr will be hosted at Kiev on July, 7. Among other pleasure actions the concert  “ Wild dances of Kupala Night ” will take place. Ukrainian singer  Ruslana Lyzhichko, the winner of  the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004  will take part in it.

  •   Marta Roure - she was the first representative of Andorra in a history of the Eurovision Song Contest at 2004 - has released her first album - “ Nua ”. Her contest song - Jugarem a Estimar-nos - has been included in this album as a bonus song.

  •   According to website  esctoday.com, Swedish broadcasting company SVT plans to release box-set with 3 DVD, devoted to 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest. The first DVD will include winner songs from the Contest with 1956 until 2005, the second DVD - will include the most favorite songs of these years, and the third DVD will include additional information. The box-set will be accessible for sale at the summer of  2005.

  •   The Fire of Olympic games will be delivered to Ukraine on July, 5. The 25 Ukrainian honorary torch carriers will serially carry this Fire through all country. Ruslana, the winner of  the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004  have been chosen as one of these 25.

  •   Ukrainian website  ForUm  informs, that concert of  the winner of  Eurovision Song Contest 2004, Ukrainian female singer Ruslana, which has been hosted at the Greek city Ioannina, has been transferred at one and a half o’clock later, than has been planned initially. It has been made that the concert would not crossed in time with translation of one of matches of the Europe Football Championship.

  •   According to the same website on June, 29 the Letter “the Ambassador of the Ukrainian Culture” has been solemnly handed to Ruslana. This event has taken place in the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs with participation of  Konstantin Grishchenko, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of  Ukraine. Minister has noted, that the victory on the European Song Contest is a victory of  personality of  Ruslana. Besides it, when Konstantin Grishchenko estimating the singer’s contribution to promotion of positive image of  Ukraine at Europe, he has told that  “After the president of Ukraine nobody has made more”.

  •   Tose Proeski,  the representative of  Macedonia on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004  has released the Serbian version of his album “Dan za nas” in which his song  Life is a Book  (not Serbian) is present.

  •   Željko Joksimovic, the representative of  Serbia & Монтенегро on the  Eurovision Song Contest 2004  has released the luxury set, which consist of  his compact disc and DVD-disk. The set has been named “Lane moje”.



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