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Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eurovision Song Contest 2003 - Rules. Part 1



    1.    Under the auspices of the EUROPEAN BROADCASTING UNION (EBU) and as part of the television programme exchanges known as “Eurovision”, the EBU Member organizations in Austria (ORF), Belgium (RTBF), Bosnia-Herzegovina (PBS BIH), Croatia (HRT), Cyprus (CY/CBC), Estonia (EE/ETV), France (GRF/FT3), Germany (ARD/NDR), Greece (ERT), Iceland (RUV), Ireland (RTE), Israel (IBA), Latvia (LT), Malta (MT/PBS), The Netherlands (NPB/NOS), Norway (NRK), Poland (PRT/TVP), Portugal (RTP), Romania (RO/TVR), Russia (Channel One Russia), Slovenia (RTVSLO), Spain (TVE), Sweden (SVT), Turkey (TRT), Ukraine (NTU) and the United Kingdom (BBC) (26 countries), hereinafter referred to as the “participants”, have decided, under the present Rules, to take part actively in the


which will be held at  Skonto Hall in Riga (Latvia) on 24 May 2003.

    2.    Participants are free to withdraw up to 31 October 2002, after which date they shall be liable for their financial commitments, even if they subsequently decide not to enter a song. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a participant withdraws later than 31 October 2002 it may be replaced by a Member from the next country on the waiting list if this is still compatible with the schedule for preparing the Contest.

    II. AIM

    1.    The purpose of  the Contest is to promote high-quality original songs in the field of popular music, by encouraging competition among artists, songwriters and composers through the international comparison of their songs.

    2.    Only songs (lyrics or music) not commercially released before 1 October 2002 may be performed at the Contest Final. Each participating organization shall obtain a signed statement from the songwriters and composers that the entry has never been published or released commercially before the above-mentioned deadline. This formality must be completed before the national selection procedure takes place.

    3.    Only the EBU may approve the commercial release of a compilation album of all the entries for the 2003 Final.

    4.    The Contest is mainly intended for broadcasting on television by Eurovision members.


    The organization of the Contest comprises:

    1.    The national selection by each participant - preferably by means of a national competition - of the best possible song. It is recommended that this selection should be made through a televised show using televoting.

    2.    Familiarizing the public with the songs in advance of the Contest Final through:

    (a)   the provision of recordings on videotape or film of all the participants' entries, which must reach the producing organization by 20 March 2003 and which shall be transmitted by the producing organization on 2 April 2003 for simultaneous recording by all participants;
    (b)   the subsequent broadcast of these recordings by interested participants on one or more dates convenient to each participant prior to the Contest Final.

    3.    The performance before a live audience of all the songs presented by the participants, during the live transmission of the Contest Final. On the basis of the Contest Final,


    shall be awarded.

    4.    The provision of an international complementary web site (www.eurovision.tv) of a quality comparable, in creativity and professionalism, with the Contest Final  broadcast.

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   The official materials (SPG 02-12058) from European Broadcasting Union / Union Europeenne de Radio-Television had been used at creation of this part of the site
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