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Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eurovision Song Contest 2003 - Rules. Part 2



    1.    The national selection procedure shall be decided by each participant as it deems fit. However, the song selected, the national selection criteria and the performance of the song must conform to the present Rules. The maximum duration of the song and its performance shall be three minutes.

    2.    As a condition for the national selection, and with the sole purpose of promoting the Contest and the participating authors and artists as extensively as possible to an international audience, each participant must ensure that the songwriter(s), composer(s), artist(s) and any other possible rightowner(s) of the selected song are prepared to grant the following transferable rights (unless permission to use any such rights is obtained from a collecting society):

    a)   “broadcasting rights”: these are the world-wide exclusive rights, unlimited in time, to broadcast the performance of the song at the 2003 Contest Final, in the widest sense of the term (the technical method of signal delivery and the form of signal display, such as large screens or video walls, being irrelevant), covering both live and deferred transmission, in whole or in part, for both private and public reception; it is understood that the exercise of these rights also allows the live or deferred Internet transmission of the Contest Final or otherwise making available (including ondemand use) of the live performance of the song at the Contest Final via the Internet;

    b)   “preview rights”: these are the exclusive rights to present a sound or video recording of the performance of the song, in whole or in part, prior to the Contest Final and for a short period thereafter, including via the Internet;

    c)   “CD compilation rights”: these are the non-exclusive rights for incorporating a sound recording of the selected song, together with such recordings of all other songs, in the 2003 Contest Final, into a CD (or similar carrier), to be released by the EBU Permanent Services or an appointed third party on behalf of all the artists; it is understood that such a (studio and/or live) compilation is limited to the performances of the songs at the 2003 Contest Final and shall not prejudice any existing or future record producing agreement of the artist(s) or other rightowners;

    d)   “extract rights”: these are the exclusive rights, unlimited in time, for incorporating a sound or video recording of the broadcast performance of the selected song, as part of the 2003 Contest Final, in whole or in part, in any other media services provided by the participants, including via their own websites and/or the international complementary website (www.eurovision.tv), for the purpose of promoting or illustrating the Eurovision Song Contest as such.

    4.    The songwriter(s) must be asked not to object to free translations being made of the lyrics of the song in English and French, these being intended only for informational use by the EBU, the participants, the commentators and juries, and possibly for the above-mentioned compilation CD.


    1.    Active participants:

       Active participants in the Contest are selected on the following basis:

    (a)   The Member which presented the winning song in 2002.

    (b)   Previously participating Members which were not admitted in 2002 but which have complied with all other rules relating to participation. The principle underlying this system of rotation is that all candidates can take part in the Contest Final at least once every two years.

    (c)   The largest contributing participants (which are, at present, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom). For the remaining places, until the maximum of  26 participants is reached, the Members (other than those falling within categories (a) (b) and (c) above) which obtained the highest score in the previous Contest Final. Where two Members have the same number of points, the Member who has obtained points from the most countries will qualify. If they received votes from the same number of countries, then the highest number of 12-point scores will be decisive. If it is not possible to determine the next Member in line through this procedure, then the number of ten-point scores awarded will be the deciding factor, and this may continue down to the number of two-point scores. If up to two Members withdraw, no new participants shall be admitted. If the number of participants falls below 24, substitute Members may be sought.

    2.    Passive participants:

Non-participating Members willing to participate in 2004 shall inform the Permanent Services in writing by 14 April 2003 and shall broadcast the 2003 Contest Final as passive participants, as this is one condition for participation the following year. However, the Song Contest format is presently being reviewed and, at present, there are no guaranteed places for 2004.

    3.    Admitted participants:

Under exceptional circumstances, and upon prior approval by the EBU Television Committee after refusal of the Member(s) in the country concerned, a non-EBU Member can be allowed to participate actively in the 2003 Contest Final. It is understood that, in that case, the non-Member will be subject to the present Rules.

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   The official materials (SPG 02-12058) from European Broadcasting Union / Union Europeenne de Radio-Television had been used at creation of this part of the site
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