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Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eurovision Song Contest 2003 - Rules. Part 3



    1.    Each participant shall make its best endeavours to promote the Contest Final as a major cultural event, taking due account of the aim of the Contest. In particular, before the broadcast of the Contest Final, participants must undertake at least one of the following: television coverage of the national preselection, a television broadcast of the previews (see below), or a television broadcast about the Contest, presenting the artist(s) who will be participating in the Contest Final.

    2.    Each participant shall provide, free of charge, for use by all other participants, both a sound and a video recording or film of its complete entry (maximum duration: three minutes). The production featured on the recording may be of any kind chosen by the originating organization, but the song presented and the artist(s) must be the same as those who will be appearing in the Contest Final.   

    3.    The recordings specified in (a) above must reach the producing organization by 20 March 2003. All entries, including that of the producing organization itself, shall be transmitted by the latter on 2 April 2003 for recording by the other participants.

    4.    The songs must be announced as being entries for the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, and in each case the organization and country entering the song must be identified.

    5.    Each participant shall be exclusively responsible for all expenses incurred for the production of its song, and for the provision of the recording or film to be distributed.

    6.    The cost of distributing the recordings or films over the Eurovision network for the preview presentation and the Contest Final (together with the possible expenses incurred by the Permanent Services and the distributing organization) shall be shared in accordance with the existing Eurovision rules.

    7.    All previews may also be made available on each participant's website, as well as on the official site developed by the producing organization.

    8.    Each participant should provide a link from its own website to the official website developed by the producing organization.


    1.    The producing organization has full responsibility for the broadcast of the Contest Final within the terms of these Rules, and for ensuring that the Rules are observed.

    2.    The producing organization shall be obliged to produce the programme within the duration specified by the Television Committee (i.e. a maximum of  three hours).

    3.    The Contest Final shall consist chiefly of the successive presentation by the artist or artists of each song selected under the conditions defined in  Article IV  above.

    4.    Artists may sing in the language of their choice.

    5.    It is recommended that each song or its performance should express some “national flavour”.

    6.    A song may be presented by a maximum of six artists. To be admitted, artists must have attained the age of at least 16 in 2003.

    7.    The lyrics and/or performance of a song must not bring the Contest into disrepute.

    8.    The producing organization shall be responsible for checking that the performance of each song does not exceed three minutes. If, at the end of the second rehearsal, any country’s song exceeds three minutes, the producing organization shall consult the EBU Scrutineer, and together they may, at their sole discretion, disqualify that country's song from the Contest Final. In such circumstances, the head of delegation of the country concerned shall be informed in writing of the decision.

    9.    Amplifying equipment, stage design elements for decorative purposes and other possible elements on the stage are allowed if the producing organization has been notified about such requests by 20 March 2003 and has given its confirmation.

    10.    Musical instruments are allowed on stage subject to approval by the producing organization, but no instruments may be connected to a microphone. Upon request, the producing organization shall provide a comprehensive drum kit and/or a grand piano. The producing organization must be notified about such requests at the Head of Delegation meeting on 20 March 2003 at the latest.

    11.    The use of  backing-tracks is permitted on condition that they are instrumental only. No backing vocals or computerized vocals are allowed on the backing-tracks. When it receives the backing-track tapes, the producing organization shall check that this provision has been observed. In case of doubt, the producing organization shall contact the Permanent Services immediately.

    12.    The producing organization shall present its proposed format to the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group no later than eight weeks prior to the Contest Final, to ensure compliance with these Rules. The producing organization shall send a detailed and timed line-up to all participants at least two weeks before the Contest Final.

    13.    Changes in the lyrics, the name of the artist or group, the title of the song and the language of  the song’s performance (i.e. - all elements that appear in official printed materials such as brochures, CD covers and booklets) shall be allowed only up until 20 March 2003, and changes to the final sound recording of the song shall be permitted until two weeks before the Contest Final. After the deadline mentioned above, minor adjustments in the songs should be agreed by the EBU and the producing organization.

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   The official materials (SPG 02-12058) from European Broadcasting Union / Union Europeenne de Radio-Television had been used at creation of this part of the site
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