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Vaya con Dios


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Eurovision Song Contest

     Rules of other years  

    Eurovision Song Contest 2003 - Rules. Part 10

  XXII. 2003 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. Summary of deadlines

    XXII. 2003 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. Summary of deadlines

  1.    Despatch of the Rules  early October 2002
  2.    Deadline for withdrawal  31 October 2002
  3.    Draw for running order  29 November 2002
  4.    Heads of delegation to be appointed by  10 March 2003
  5.    Signed compilation CD contract, sound recordings, backing track, video, preview clips, lyrics, etc. to reach the producing organization by  20 March 2003
  6.    Information session for heads of delegation  20-21 March 2003
  7.    Preview presentation of all the songs (injection of recordings)  2 April 2003
  8.    Rehearsal week  19-24 May 2003
  9.    Final dress rehearsal and Contest Final  24 May 2003
  10.    Notarized televoting and/or jury results to reach the EBU by  24 May 2003
  11.    Responses to questionnaire on audience figures, commercial break use and sponsorship to reach the EBU by  17 June 2003
  12.    Participation fee to be paid by  31 August 2003

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