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Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eurovision Song Contest 2003 - Rules. Part 9



    Each participant, by the very fact of entering a song in the Contest Final, shall guarantee that it has obtained all the necessary authorizations from all the rightowners concerned. Accordingly, it shall indemnify all organizations concerned against any claim whatsoever from authors, artists, publishers, producers or any other persons or entities in respect of any of the broadcasts or other uses of the songs referred to in Articles IV, VI, XVII and XVIII.


    1.    Disqualification of a song

    A song may be disqualified:

    (a)    if during the rehearsal week there is evidence that an artist, a member of the delegation or a spokesperson has not complied with the requests of  the producing organization and/or the Scrutineer and may therefore cause disturbance to the programme;

    (b)    if the artist(s) depart(s) from the planned performance as rehearsed at the final rehearsal, and thereby cause(s) disturbance to the programme;

    (c)    if a participating organization/artist has in any way attempted to breach the present Rules at any stage of the preparation of the Contest, or is about to do so during the Contest Final itself.

    The decision to enact disqualification is taken by the Scrutineer after consultation with the executive producer and at least three members of the Reference Group.

  •     If the disqualification of a song is decided upon before the deadline for sending all material (see Article IX.2 above), the participant shall be entitled to propose another song and to submit all related material by the deadline specified above.
  •     If disqualification of a song is decided upon after the deadline mentioned above but before the day of the Contest Final, the participant concerned shall not present its entry and shall not be able to vote, but shall remain liable for its financial contribution. However, time permitting, the participant shall have the right to appeal against the decision to the Chairman of the Television Committee and, if he cannot be reached, to the Secretary General of the EBU.

    Any decision taken in accordance with the above-mentioned procedure shall be final, and no legal remedy shall be possible.

    2.    Sanctions against participants.

    Sanctions may be imposed upon a participant, if it:

    (a)    does not comply with the present Rules; or

    (b)    withdraws from the 2003 Contest later than 31 October 2002; or

    (c)    does not broadcast the Contest Final in accordance with  Article XVII ; or

    (d)    inserts advertising items or sponsorship messages during the broadcast, except in the sections of the programme allowing for commercial breaks as expressed in  Article XVII and in accordance with  Article XVIII;

    (e)    is one of the last five countries to announce its vote and does not submit a fax of its results in accordance with the Rules;

    (f)    fails to make its best endeavours, in the view of the Reference Group, to promote the Contest Final on its territory.

    Any sanctions shall be pronounced by the Television Committee, following a proposal by the Reference Group. Sanctions shall be proportionate to the damage or prejudice caused to the EBU, the producing organization and/or the reputation of the Contest, shall have a deterrent effect, and may amount to the exclusion from one or more of the following Contests.

    Any decision taken in accordance with the above-mentioned procedure shall be final, and no legal remedy shall be possible.


    1.    By entering a song for the Contest Final each participant accepts these Rules, which apply to the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest as a whole.

    2.    In case of dispute, the English version of these Rules shall prevail.

    3.    Each participant must provide the Permanent Services with all quantitative and qualitative information on the Contest Final that is requested by the Permanent Services after the Contest Final.

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   The official materials (SPG 02-12058) from European Broadcasting Union / Union Europeenne de Radio-Television had been used at creation of this part of the site
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