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Vaya con Dios


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Discography of Purple Prose music band

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13 Songs by Purple Prose

  1.  Dirty Gold
  2.  The Heart Hunts Alone
  3.  L’amour lointaine
  4.  Estoy embriagada
  5.  I Didn’t Know
  6.  Es wird schon wieder gehen
  7.  Dios te lo devolvera
    (Until Forgiveness Comes)
  8.  Little Death
  9.  The Voices Warned Me
  10.  Une voix nous manque
  11.  Southern Moon
  12.  Grand Tralala
  13.  Who Wants To Be Lonely?

Producers: Purple Prose
Date of release: 1999
Publisher: BMG Ariola Belgium

13 Songs by Purple Prose album

The reviews of creativity of Purple Prose

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