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Album  13 songs by Purple Prose. Lyrics and song texts by music band  Purple Prose  and female singer Dani Klein 

Little Death

The good could not enfold us
We grew wrong, so long ago
The few who take flight with
Their sorrow
And refuse to let go
How our cries lie frozen deep
Beneath muzzled smiles
Like nerve gas their
Violence slowly seeps
Through the dusk of empty lives
Oh! We know
As we’re kissing slow
A bruised mouth knows no worth
We can’t move,
Never move forward
Never move forward
Under the floors we caress upon
A cell of broken hearts sobs
And calls
We toss them drugged avowals
Of hope
Too late, black rain falls
Hindsight shrinks into the dark
Leaving a sad still lake of pain
We choke back its tides forever
Cursing our fate
The dead weight of our fate


Music: Dani Klein / Werner Braito / Jan Cordemans / Thierry Plas / Marc Ysaye
Poetry: Ian Ramsey

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